Daily Bread

Gold Award winner Daily Bread is a wholefood shop based in King’s Hedges which sells ethically-sourced food products at affordable prices. As a workers’ co-operative, with a philosophy of ‘people before profit’,  their core aims include a strong commitment to employing people with mental health challenges, and they are very proud to be a Living Wage employer. Founded in 1990, Daily Bread uses simple packaging and sells many items in bulk quantities to keep prices down. Daily Bread stocks a very wide range of products which include items suitable for coeliacs and vegans, and are willing to source special items for customers.

Fruit and vegetables are local and seasonal whenever possible, and they have an extensive range of organic produce, including dry goods, eggs, and bakery products. Daily Bread choose local, independent suppliers whenever they can, and 100% of their tea and coffee is Fair Trade. Their emphasis is on unprocessed food which can form the basis of a healthy and sustainable diet, and all food is suitable for vegetarians.

“Food sustainability is integral to everything we do at Daily Bread. We strive to source products which have been grown and produced in a sustainable way. We do not knowingly stock any GM products. Our aim is to provide whole foods which have good nutritional value and are good value for money. Our priorities are that our products are responsibly produced, and we try to stock as many organic and fairly traded products as we can”.

Website: www.dailybreadcambridge.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DailyBreadCambridge

Twitter: twitter.com/DB_Cambridge