Cambridge Juice Company

Cambridge Juice Company have been awarded a bronze standard award as a sustainable wholesaler and producer. They produce juice from local, Red Tractor assured crops and do not add sugar to their products. No waste is sent to the landfill in their juice production process, fruit pulp is fed to livestock or returned to the land.

As well as producing their own juice, they stock a variety of drinks and snacks from a number of producers, many of whom are Fair Trade.

Cambridge Juice Company are supporters of the Community Fridge, found at The Edge Cafe on Mill Road, and donate surplus produce. Therefore, produce is not wasted and can be collected by anyone who has a use for it.

The company also has ties with a number of Cambridge University Colleges and even collects fruit from College trees to juice it and prevent a waste of resources.

Kelly from Cambridge Juice Company said “We work hard to promote a local food economy and where possible use local products”. As an organisation, they are “working extremely hard to achieve the following objectives of the sustainable business scheme: local sourcing, providing healthy alternatives, communication about sustainability and community engagement”

Website: https://www.cambridgejuicecompany.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CambridgeJuice

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CambridgeJuice

Email: kelly.cjc@btconnect.com

Telephone: 07515282900