Food for Change


Inspiring change that benefits both the community and the environment


Cambridge Sustainable Food is at the forefront of organisations tackling the interlinked issues of people’s health, food poverty and waste, and carbon emissions. We do this by advocating healthy and sustainable food for everyone.


1: Promoting healthy and sustainable food

Creating a positive food culture through public awareness of healthy and sustainable food.

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2: food poverty, ill health and healthy food access

Tackling food-related inequality is one of today’s most urgent challenges.

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3: community knowledge, skills, resources & projects

Driving grass roots energy, innovation and action is key to positive change.

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4: A vibrant, diverse sustainable food economy

Food needs to be positive for local economies, businesses and jobs.

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5: Transforming catering and food procurement

Catering and procurement offers an effective way to drive changes in healthy and sustainable food.

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6: Reducing waste and the ecological footprint

The production of food, and managing its waste, is vital in managing its environmental footprint.

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Our impact within the community in 2017/18


Cambridge Sustainable Food engages with more people every year, 7,303 in 2018. We do this primarily through our 5 major campaigns: Love Food Hate Waste; Waste Less Save More; Sugar Smart; Sustainable Fish Cities; Veg Cities. There are many sustainable food initiatives across Cambridge and we see ourselves as an ‘umbrella’ organisation that brings together these initiatives in the public, private, university, community and business sectors.

In order to achieve our vision for Cambridge, we have collaborated with over 150 organisations, inspiring people to eat healthy, locally produced food that is better for the environment, while reducing their food waste. CSF also run a pledge and award scheme that helps motivate businesses to be more sustainable.

On top of all this, we run public awareness raising activities, including stalls (around 10 per year), talks and cookery workshops, and promote other local food sustainability initiatives, such as the recent Cambridge University Sustainable Food Policy.



decrease in contaminated food waste in student bins


new businesses worked with their pledges



of food donated, within 6 months, of the first community fridge


people reached in sainsbury’s waste less. save more campaign