Pledge & Award Scheme for Businesses


Join other local food businesses by making the pledge and showing your support for sustainability. Get in Touch.


Cambridge Sustainable Food wants to engage with businesses and support them in their endeavours to become more environmentally friendly and ethical

Local independent food businesses can sign up to the Sustainable Food Pledge and achieve awards of different levels in this project.


Part of our mission to make Cambridge a Sustainable Food City includes engaging with businesses and supporting them in their endeavours to become more environmentally friendly and ethical.

This could involve anything from waste management to the sourcing of produce, to employment policies.

We aim to promote and showcase good practice; Cambridge has some very good examples of sustainable food businesses, and we would like to raise their profile with the general public.



The Pledge and Award Scheme for Businesses was successfully piloted during January 2016, and revised after consultation in early 2017.

Many businesses have already signed the Cambridge Sustainable Food Pledge and Award Scheme for Businesses and have achieved awards in recognition for their commitment to sustainability.


Take a look at our thorough Guide for Businesses document for more information on how to take part in the pledge and reap the benefits.

If you run a food business in Cambridge and are interested in taking the pledge or want to work towards achieving an award, please email