Curly Kale Cafe

Curly Kale Café is a vegan specialist catering business that was born out of a series of ‘pop-up restaurant’ style food nights earlier in 2014. Run by Sam Dyer and Blake Vickers, both keen exponents of vegan cookery, they use local suppliers and organic seasonal vegetables to cook up delicious and sustainable food.

Curly Kale Café was awarded the gold award for their business’ incredibly low carbon footprint and healthy dishes, achieved through not using meat and dairy products in their cooking.

Curly Kale Café offers a whole variety of food and catering options to anyone who wants some proper tasty, rustic style vegan cuisine.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Curly-Kale-Cafe-909099172448968/?fref=ts

Twitter: @curlykalecafe

Website: http://www.curlykalecafe.co.uk/

Email: curlykalecafe@gmail.com