Food Poverty Alliance


Cambridge Food Poverty Alliance is funded by Food Power and Cambridge City Council.


According to the Centre for Cities 2017 report, Cambridge has been named as the city with the highest level of income inequality in the UK. Cambridge City Food Bank gave 3-day emergency food supplies to 6,458 people in crisis in 2017, a 27% increase from 2016.

Following the City Council’s Tackling Poverty and Isolation conferences in 2018, the Cambridge Food Poverty Alliance was set up to work collaboratively on reducing food poverty in the City . The Alliance is co-funded by Food Power and Cambridge City Council.


The Alliance is working to:

  • share resources, best practice and information locally

  • research what has been done successfully elsewhere

  • develop a Collaborative Food Action Plan to ensure an evidence-based joined-up approach to food poverty in the City  



For more information, please see our report on the scale and experiences of food poverty in Cambridge, which was conducted to contribute to a collaborative food action plan for the City.

For more on the Food Poverty Alliance Action plan, see the Attendees Report.

Cambridge Sustainable Food also partnered with The Edge Cafe to install a Community Fridge, where organisations and households can make perishable food that would have been wasted available to the local community. 


If you or someone you know is struggling to buy food, please use our Emergency Signposting Toolkit to find resources that can help you.

If you are pregnant or have a child under four years old then you could be entitled to Healthy Start Vouchers with which you can buy vegetables, milk or vitamins. View our useful information poster for more information.

For community food provision services, please refer to: