Gourmet Vegan

Silver-award winner Gourmet Vegan believes in producing exciting food that is good for both the environment and one’s health. They produce high-quality vegan products, including freshly hand-made cakes, that can be difficult to source elsewhere. They do not use any preservatives or additives and use silver anodised tins for a healthier bake.

Their products are available to buy through a range of outlets – including the Cambridge Farmers’ Outlet, Radmore Farm Shop, Espresso Library, STIR, The Daily Bread Cooperative, Haslingfield Post Office, The Architect Pub, The Rural Coffee Project, and Cambridge Cookery School – and from their online store.

For me sustainability is very important and I believe that any vegan business is already one step closer to achieving this. However, there is always work to be done and the Cambridge Food Hub could help us achieve this in many ways, i.e. by reducing energy consumption. I started Gourmet Vegan because I wanted to contribute to improving the welfare of animals, our environment, and our health. However, sustainability is part of something bigger and it is about challenging the status quo. We need to think about the future and the role that the food industry can play in it.” Lina Joseph

Sam Dyer presented the Silver Award to Lina Joseph.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gourmetvegancambridge/

Twitter: @gourmet_vegan

Website: http://www.gourmetvegan.co.uk/

Email: hello@gourmetvegan.co.uk