Lord Conrad’s Brewery

Cambridge Sustainable Food were delighted to award Lord Conrad’s Brewery in Dry Drayton with a Gold Award.

Owner, Jon Neale, sources grain used for brewing locally, forages for hops and nettles nearby and uses honey from Over.

Packaging is made from recycled materials, which can be recycled again by customers after use. Lord Conrad’s avoid making deliveries during rush hour to reduce congestion and air pollution and offer a fuel discount for pubs who order within a four mile radius of the brewery.

Lord Conrad’s are also serious about reducing waste and recycling as much as possible. Used grains, waste beer and spent yeast is sold to the farm industry and used hops are repurposed as compost or mulch, which can be bought from the brewery. Waste water from the brewing process is cleaned, filtered and returned to the local watercourse. They even offer paperless billing and ordering!

Lord Conrad’s Brewery is exploring ways to build on their existing green credentials, through focusing on how to reduce waste even further and source more ingredients locally, as well as engaging with the local community to make a difference. Keep up the great work, Lord Conrad’s!

Website: http://www.lordconradsbrewery.co.uk/

Email: lordconrads@gmail.com

Phone: 07736 739300