Lunchtime Company

Cambridge based school meals provider Lunchtime Company has received the Silver standard business award in recognition of their work towards food sustainability.  Working with local schools around Cambridge and in North London, Lunchtime Company has been supplying high quality, nutritious and delicious school meals since 1997.  

Bev Sedley, chair of Cambridge Sustainable Food, said “We are thrilled to present the Cambridge Sustainable Food Silver Award to Lunchtime Company. We are very impressed with what Lunchtime has been doing for over 2 decades now – it is a real trail-blazer for healthy sustainably produced food in schools and really cares about the environment.”

Lunchtime Company takes pride in their expert food knowledge with specialist chefs designing menus for students of all ages. Working in partnership with schools, each menu is hand-crafted and unique, tailored to the needs of the pupils.  Friendly serving staff engage with children and help to make lunchtime a highlight and chefs partner with teaching staff to link meals with themes in the curriculum, building social value into mealtimes too.

Lunchtime genuinely cares about the health and wellbeing of children taking seriously a responsibility for providing many with their main meal of the day.  Giving children a taste for healthy eating during childhood will help them make healthier choices as they become adults. Lunchtime aims to reassure parents that while they are at school, children’s nutritional needs are well met enabling them to be better prepared for learning.    

Menu plans are created to be delicious, nutritious and balanced – in line with the School Food Plan.  

All ingredients are ethically sourced;

  • RSPCA Freedom Food Meat

  • Free-range eggs

  • Marine Stewardship Council fish

  • Fair Trade bananas and chocolate

Ingredients are sourced locally and seasonally primarily to ensure freshness and better nutritional value as well as economic value.  In some schools they have introduced meat-free Monday which allows them to buy better quality meat throughout the rest of the week. What is impressive and exemplary about Lunchtime Company is that it does not need to make a self-conscious effort to provide sustainable food, it does so because that simply is the business and it would not operate in another way.  We are extremely proud to have Lunchtime Company as the first school meals provider to join our sustainable food business scheme.

Website: https://www.lunchtime.co.uk

Email: info@lunchtime.co.uk