Radmore Farm Shop

Ben and Vicky of Radmore Farm Shop moved to Chesterton Road, Cambridge from their premises at Radmore Farm in Northamptonshire in 2006. Still supplied by meats and free range eggs from their own family farm, the shop now sells a full range of produce from other local suppliers and other local farming families. They have a range of vegetarian options of freshly made quiches and soups, as well as other homemade products. They continue to promote a range of healthy and organic options and staff are happy to discuss seasonal recipes with you.

As a specialist in the supply of locally grown foods, direct from the supplier, Radmore seeks to cut out supplier chains that drive up prices and food miles. They stock their own meats and homemade cakes, soups, quiches and pies are made by Vicky. At least 20% of their items are organic and fresh produce provides many healthy options.

Radmore Farm Shop was the first to apply following the launch of the scheme this year, receiving a silver award. “We’re feeling very proud at the shop this month, having become the first business to receive a silver award from Cambridge Sustainable Food. This has led to much discussion in our house about what sustainability means to us.”

Having achieved a silver award, they are looking to improve further by introducing more Fairtrade items to their shop as well as improving their systems for handling their food waste.

Website: http://www.radmorefarmshop.co.uk/

Email: enquiries@radmorefarmshop.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/radmorefarmshop

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Radmore_farm