Recycle food waste

For food waste that cannot be avoided or redistributed, do the green thing and get recycling! Below are just a few of the recycling companies that can collect your food waste.


cambridge city council

Cambridge City Council offer a food waste collection service for businesses to recycle all types of food waste. The waste is taken to an ‘in-vessel’ composting plant at the Amey Waste Management Park near Waterbeach, where it undergoes an intensive, fast composting process. The resulting soil conditioner is sold for local agriculture, and is also available for householders to collect free of charge! Find out more about the process here.

The City Council can collect your food waste as frequently as required and offer a variety of different sized bins and bags.

To find out more, contact the Commercial Waste team on or 01223 458282.


mick george

Mick George collects and recycles food waste from businesses around Cambridge and Cambridgeshire.

To find out more, submit an online enquiry form here or call 0800 587 3329.



Bio-Bean collects and recycles waste coffee grounds at their facility in Cambridgeshire, making briquettes to burn in stoves and fireplaces and pellets for biomass boilers. Magic!

Visit for further information.