Sustainable Fish Cities



Over-exploitation of fish stocks has already led to unprecedented declines in yields, and some scientists estimate that most of the world’s commercial fish stocks could completely collapse within our lifetimes.

We have joined Sustain’s Sustainable Fish Cities campaign with the ambition for Cambridge to become a leading city in buying, serving, eating, and promoting only sustainable fish.


Under the campaign, we award stars to encourage organisations to follow sustainable fish principles. This means promising to:

  • Remove endangered species from your menus and catering

  • Promote sustainable fish choices

  • Help your suppliers to source sustainable fish by explaining what you want and where they can get help.



Cambridge has already achieved the star for higher education in 2015, due to the commitment of university colleges and schools to the Sustainable Fish Cities campaign in the area.


Would you like to sign up your organisation? Doing so is both good for the environment, and ensures your customers feel comfortable about consuming your product.

This is especially important for corporate customers, who need to ensure social responsibility in their supply chains. If  you would like to know more, look at the national campaign website or contact us.

If you as an individual would like to know more about how to make sustainable fish choices, the Marine Conservation Society good fish guide is a good place to start.