The Cambridge Organic Food Company (COFCO)

The Cambridge Organic Food Co. is at the heart of Cambridge’s organic food community. COFCO represents nearly every organic grower in the local area and distributes their produce via an organic box scheme and also by supplying local independent shops and restaurants.

“Sustainability is one of the fundamental principles of organic farming. As my occupation revolves around organic food then sustainability in the food industry is clearly very important to me. I have encountered countless articles, books and people that have provided compelling evidence that the modern industrial food industry is unsustainable and that organic farming and local food distribution methods are so important.” Duncan Catchpole, MD

The Cambridge Organic Food Co. is a forward thinking and progressive organisation, having pioneered the box scheme model and being among the first to provide the service in Cambridge. COFCO prides itself on excellent customer service, high quality products and a generally wholesome business ethic which reflects the produce they sell. They achieved the gold award for their excellent efforts made towards a sustainable food industry.