Veg Cities


Veg Cities Cambridge is supported by a grant from the Sustainable Food Cities Network.


Led by food and farming charity Sustain in partnership with the wider Peas Please initiative, Veg Cities works with local authorities, food groups and organisations to increase the availability and consumption of vegetables.


To increase the amount of veg we eat in Cambridge.

  • To increase public awareness of the positive environmental and economic impacts of choosing locally grown and seasonal veg.

  • To enable individuals and families to buy, prepare and cook more vegetables.

  • To increase the amount of veg-based food served and sold by businesses.

  • To help people and organisations grow their own veg.



November 2018: Veg Cities Cambridge engaged with hundreds of people at Queen Edith’s Share Fair and Madingley Food Fair through games, discussion, recipes, informative and eye-catching displays and veg cakes and snacks.

In July 2019, the upcoming Cambridge Vegetable Festival will feature a town meal, vegetable treasure hunt, celebrity chef cookery tour of local allotments and a veggie recipe competition.


Find out more about the wonder of veg on the official Veg Cities website or to win prizes from the Cambridge Organic Food Company Make a Veg Pledge below!

You can also view the below resources for more guidance:

  1. Eat the Rainbow Guide

  2. Eatwell Guide


Veg Pledge.png

The Pledge

Anyone can make a pledge to grow, cook, eat, serve or sell more veg. We want as many individuals, families, households, community groups, schools, businesses and organisations to be involved as possible! 

If you’re an individual, family or household, make your Veg Pledge below for your chance to win prizes from our friends at Cambridge Organic Food Company. Post photos of your pledge in action on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #VegCitiesCambridge for an additional chance to win!

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