Lord Conrad's Brewery



Unit 21, Dry Drayton Industries, Scotland Road, Dry Drayton, Cambridge CB23 8AT


07736 739700


Lord Conrad's Brewery is based in a converted farm building in Dry Drayton. The brewery uses local resources so that every brew has a piece of local produce within. This includes Honey from Over and Hops from Swavesey.

The brewery has a commitment to being as green as they can be. They are conscious of their water supply and delivery methods and use recycled and recyclable materials for packaging. The brewery's bi product is either sold on to off set energy usage or recycled and their used grains, waste beer and spent yeast is sold to the farm industry. The used hops are used as compost litter which can be bought from the brewery in large bags to make a great mulch. You can read the brewery's green pledge in full.

Why we like them

Their extensive green pledge!