Key Issue 4:

promoting a vibrant and sustainable food economy


If we are going to transform food culture and the system that supports it, food needs to be not only good for people and the planet, but also good for local economies, businesses and jobs.

Cambridge Sustainable food:

Promotes sustainable food businesses through its online Sustainable Food Directory

Administers a Sustainable Pledge/Award Scheme for local food businesses

Runs and promotes pop-up farmers’ markets

Promotes the development of the Cambridge Food Hub, which will support small local food businesses and ensure sustainable food supply chains locally

Sustainable Food Directory

You can search through our carefully selected collection of the best places to find local, sustainable food in and around Cambridge. 

Business Pledge & Award Scheme

Take the Pledge and join the businesses in Cambridge working to become more ethical and environmentally friendly.


Search through our selected collection of wholesalers of local, sustainable food from around Cambridge.