Key Issue 2:

Food poverty, ill health and healthy food access


Tackling food-related inequality is one of today’s most urgent challenges if we are to stem the rising tide of hunger, obesity and other diet-related ill-health such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Cambridge Sustainable Food:

Convenes Cambridge Food Poverty Alliance, a multi-agency partnership which aims to reduce food poverty locally

Promotes the Living Wage

Campaigns to increase uptake of Healthy Start Vouchers

Has mapped online and promotes organisations providing support to people experiencing or at risk of food poverty

Food Poverty Alliance

The Food Poverty Alliance aims to pull together all the work on food poverty that is being done throughout Cambridge.

Healthy Start

Healthy Start is a government scheme, which can help to pay for food which keeps you and your family healthy.

Food Provision Projects

Take a look at some of the food provision projects available in Cambridge.


Community food map

Discover the many different food resources in and around Cambridge, including food banks, holiday lunches, and community meals and more.

healthy, low cost recipes

Check out our Thyme to Cook booklet for healthy, easy and low-cost recipes, as well as top tips to make the most of your food budget.